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It's been one of the hottest trucks to grace the British truck show circuit in years and came as a huge surprise to truck enthusiasts when SNT unveiled their flagship Scania R-Series Longline last Summer.  Fresh from a recent trip to Holland for some modifications, Speedbird is delighted to have been selected by Stuart Nicol Transport to produce this unique truck.  

With the real truck already wiping the floor with awards and prizes at truck shows including the Gathering of the Griffin 2015, this model promises to ooze character, quality and class with a vast array of parts and accessories equipping the model ensuring that this will be one of the finest solo model tractor units anyone could possess in their collection!  This model will also be individually packed in a luxury gift box - a touch befitting the real truck which has had so much time, effort and money spent on making it a touch of class unrivalled by other UK-based Scania Longlines.

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